October 1 Taking Care of Our Strong Emotions


This Monday night, Annie will facilitate.  She shares:

Dear Friends,

Thich Nhat Hanh often talks about embracing our strong emotions. Taking care of them the way a parent takes care of a baby. First, we pick it up and just hold it. Then we find out what it needs and take care of it. Sounds simple, right? 

For years, I wondered just how to do that. And I've been asked this by so many mindfulness students over the years. Embracing emotions, like meditation and yoga, isn't something we can just read about. We have to actually practice it.  

So, what does embracing our strong emotions look like in practice? I've learned a lot about how to do this from Ann Weiser Cornell, the creator of Inner Relationship Focusing. She offers a concrete way to take care of the strong emotions as they arise, or even after-the-fact. 

I studied with Anne for years, and I've woven this Focusing practice into my mindfulness practice and I do it on a very regular basis. Like brushing my emotional teeth, it keeps me more centered and aware of what's really happening inside of me. It also keeps my strong emotions from building up or going into hiding.

On Monday, I'll share this practice with you so you can do it whenever you need it -- in the middle of your day, or as part of your meditation time. It's simple and a great adjunct to silent sitting meditation.

After our walking meditation, I will lead a guided meditation in noticing and taking care of our emotions. After that, we can share our experience with this practice, and consider how we can use this in our everyday lives. 

Looking forward to being together.