Our Mission

Opening Heart Mindfulness Community (OHMC) is a 501c(3) that offers support for learning and practicing mindfulness in a non-sectarian way.

Our practices are based on the tradition of the Plum Village Community, and our teachings are inspired by a variety of individuals and groups including Thich Nhat Hanh and teachers from many other Zen, vipassana, and other mindfulness based traditions.

We practice mindfulness to become calmer, more alive, more genuine, and to extend greater understanding and compassion. By practicing together we inspire each other to bring meditation and mindfulness into our daily lives. OHMC supports and practices social action and inclusive community building. Rooted in our commitment to diversity, we operate with transparent democratic governance, generosity-based economics, and environmental sustainability. We seek to foster understanding and compassion by providing vibrant and generous opportunities to practice mindfulness within a diverse community in the Plum Village tradition, founded by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.

We highly value the diversity of racial and cultural identity and background, nationality, sexual and affectional orientation, gender identity and its expression, religious background and belief, marital status, family structure, age, mental and physical health and ability, political perspective, and educational and class status. We recognize that in supporting racial and social justice equity within our sangha and throughout the mahasangha, we support the work of transformation individually and collectively.

OHMC Board Members

Marie Shepphard
Chair / Dharma Committee

Annie Mahon
Vice Chair / Retreat Committee / Accessibility Committee / Dharma Committee

Camille Martone
Board / Retreat Committee / Community Committee

Julie Chapman

Mary Carnell
Community Committee

Andy Richman
Communications Officer

OHMC Committee Members

Brigitte Pichot
Dharma Committee

Kaili Mang Jeyarajah
Retreat Committee

Rachel Switala
Retreat Committee

Linda Loranger
Community Committee / Retreat Volunteer

Bea Spadacini
Community Committee

Ana Maria Boitel
Community Committee

Ronnie Biemans
Community Committee

Questions, comments, suggestions?

All are welcome to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you!