April 3 Examining the Sensational Experience of our Emotions

This Monday Ben will facilitate.

He shares:

The Language of LIDDS.

I have found the Language of LIDDS very helpful for examining the sensational experience of my emotions. 

LIDDS stands for:

  • Location
  • Intensity
  • Direction
  • Depth
  • Size

Notice the difference between these two representations of anxiety.

When I write I feel anxiety.

Versus when I write:

When I write I feel sensation in my mid chest(location). It's not very intense but it's there.(intensity). It's not very deep in my body but it seems to move upward.(depth, direction) Its size is skinny and long, from my chest to my throat.(size)

The first is an expression of what I'm feeling with a word and the second is LIDDS.

The question I would like to address on Monday night is why being able to examine an emotional experience in term of its location, intensity, direction, depth, and size is valuable to the mindfulness practitioner.  If you would like to participate, I encourage you to bring an emotion with you in the form of a story you can share in with the group. And while you share your story, I encourage you to share your experience using the Language of LIDDS.  

Looking forward to sitting with you,