March 13 The Five Touchings of the Earth

On Monday Marie will facilitate.  

She shares:

Last Monday, we talked about our emotions and explored ways of taking care of them.  Several people talked about how their emotions have been influenced by previous generations, and tomorrow, we will build on this theme.  

On Monday night, we will practice the Five Touchings of the Earth, a guided meditation that gives us an opportunity to contemplate what has been transmitted to us by our blood, spiritual and land ancestors.  We can use this practice to selectively water the seeds in our consciousness, celebrating the wholesome seeds and transforming those that need to be transformed.   

If you are joining us on Monday, I invite you to reflect on your ancestors - be they family members, spiritual teachers, or people from your country/place of origin.  To what extent do you share their traits, emotions and/or ways of behaving?  Of these, which cause you suffering and which cause you joy?   Familiarizing yourself with these "well watered seeds" - or patterns - may help you to experience the guided meditation in more powerful ways.


If you would like to learn more about the Touchings of the Earth, please visit this Plum Village here


I look forward to being with you on Monday night.