2019 SPRING RETREAT SCholarship application

If you cannot afford the $425 or $525 standard rate, are are offering a scholarship rate of $95. Please fill out the below and we will evaluate your application. Thank you.

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Do you identify as a Person of Color or as Multiracial? *
Do you identify as a Person of Color or as Multiracial? The Open Heart Mindfulness Community seeks to foster understanding and compassion by providing vibrant and generous opportunities to practice mindfulness within a diverse community in the Plum Village tradition, founded by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. We recognize that in supporting racial and social justice equity within our sangha and throughout the mahasangha, we support the work of transformation individually and collectively. Accordingly, to balance the demographics of those attending our retreat and to create an environment that supports all, we request that you check the box below regarding your race/ethnicity. Our goal is to support participation in our upcoming retreat with a minimum of 30 % self-identified People of Color. We acknowledge the work of communities within the Plum Village tradition who have modeled this approach, including Baltimore & Beyond Mindfulness Community, as well as the East Bay Meditation Center in Oakland, CA.