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Women in the U.S. continue to experience discrimination in everyday life: in institutions, the private sector, religious organizations, families, schools, health systems, and justice systems. Gender bias is everywhere.

The stereotypes that women face are powerful and make every aspect of their lives difficult. This is a consequence of a patriarchal system that abuses power in all ways from hiring decisions to sexual abuse.  discrimination can be subtle or overt, conscious or unconscious, and can be upheld by both men and women.

In our webinar series, Making-Visible: Women,we will focus on the inequalities and injustices of gender bias. Each webinar will be led by a different activist who is working towards reversing these biases i. Guests will be announced as we get closer to the events.

Please join us as we bring light to this much-needed conversation and learn about ways to change the gender inequality that is affecting us all.

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Webinar 1

july 17, 2019

Learn more about this webinar hosted by Yasmin Behbehani and Hedyeh Esfahanian.

Catch up on readings, videos, and other resources provided by Yasmin and Hedyeh.

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Webinar 2

september 25, 2019

7pm-8:30pm EST

SPEAKER: Sunu P. Chandy
Director of the National Women’s Law Center and social justice activist

As the Legal Director of National Women’s Law Center (NWLC), Sunu has joined over 30 women’s rights organizations in the fight against sex- and gender-based assumptions against women.

Sunu is a powerful advocate for women empowerment and you won’t want to miss her stories on the legal fights she’s led against the inequalities and injustices of gender bias.


Webinar 3

October 23, 2019

7pm-8:30pm EST

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Webinar 4 Sharing Session

november 20, 2019

7pm-8:30pm EST

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