The Making-Visible program is skillfully drawing the participants into the problematic, by giving a rich historical background and then offering a conversation about what was presented. The conversations are led by experts who have a direct experience with the curated themes.

What’s stands out in the Making Visible program is not only its beautifully curated curriculum but also its apolitical approach; meaning that it demonstrates the immigration problems cannot be simply solved by neither a new American  president nor a political party, and that they existed under both democrat and republican parties.

The program makes it clear that first, we cannot wait for a future political solution, and second, there is an urgency to find together a solution to the suffering of the Invisible population. This program calls everyone to become active in the creation of a safer and fairer environment for all our Dharma brothers and sisters near and far.

I feel this is what Sangha is all about, and I am grateful that OHMC with Annie and Adriana have created such a pioneer and important program.
Hi everyone!

I have been always very exited to participate and to be part of the Making Visible conversation.

The making visible program makes possible a conversation that we would not be having so openly and in depth otherwise. It allows with a script, information and respect to dig deeper in issues that are interconnected in our community and therefore in our everyday lives.

Even as a Mexican immigrant I was able to learn details I was not so aware of, and more so the hear and learn of the perspective of others, see how others see or live the issues, understand better where they are coming from and be understanding that sometimes it is not lack of empathy but more so lack of information. Having this conversations that dissect the issues present in our communities allows us have more compassion, to be aware, to want to do something, to help and to be a stand.

I feel very lucky to be part of this conversation!


Dear Friends,


In lieu of fees, we ask you to consider making a donation. 100% of the offerings help offset costs for operations and guest speaker fees. All monies beyond those costs to back to these communities in distress.

with love,

Adriana & Annie