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2019 Full Schedule

March 20
Indigenous Communities - Sebastian Medina-Tayac

April 25
Indigenous Communities - Frieda Larios * don't post name yet

May 29
Indigenous Communities - TBD

June 12
Indigenous Communities - Dharma Sharing Session

July 17
Women's Issues - TBD

September 25
Women's Issues - TBD

October 23
Women's Issues - TBD

November 20
Dharma Sharing Session - Women's Issues

Check back for future topics in 2020.

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Sessions are in English, accessible, and co-led by Adriana Arizpe and Annie Mahon.

Translations and physical accommodations are provided.

Adriana is a Mexican woman who has lived in the DC area for 8 years. She has degrees in Communications and Gastronomy and is an executive in media, research, marketing and communication. Adriana has been practicing mindfulness since 2014 and has extensive knowledge of relationships and cultural contrasts and a special interest in how Latin-American culture contributes to US culture as a whole.

Annie is a white, Armenian-American, ordained (lay) in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, founder of Circle Yoga Cooperative, DC Yoga Week, and Opening Heart Mindfulness community, and founder and treasurer of the Pink House Foundation, a grant making organization supporting the development political and social capital for marginalized groups in the US. She has been a student of mindfulness since the early 1990's.