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Making-Visible: Women Webinar #3

Women everywhere continue to experience discrimination in everyday life: in institutions, the private sector, religious organizations, families, schools, health systems, and justice systems. Gender bias is everywhere.

The stereotypes that women face are powerful and make every aspect of their lives difficult. This is a consequence of a patriarchal system that abuses power in all ways from hiring decisions to sexual abuse. Discrimination can be subtle or overt, conscious or unconscious, and can be upheld by both men and women.

In our webinar series, Making-Visible: Women, we will focus on the need to empower women, and the inequalities and injustices of gender bias.

This webinar will be led by performance artist, educator, and Faerie Goddess Mermaid Gangsta for the Revolution, Vanessa Rochelle Lewis. Vanessa is from South Central Los Angeles and loves to be silly, whimsical, imaginative, weird, loving and sensual in public – every chance she gets.

Vanessa will be leading us in a conversation about the power, freedom, and joyful abandon that you invite and center in your life when you choose to Reclaim Your U.G.L.Y  from the cruel, capitalistic, and judgmental gaze of the white supremacist, cis-hetero-patriarchy. More than anything, she wants you to enjoy your life, your body, and your friendships as you work to make this world a better place for us all.

We are so grateful and excited that Vanessa will be leading our webinar! You won’t want to miss this chance to think and learn about women’s issues through a playful and personal lens.

All Making-Visible webinars are curated by Adriana Arizpe and Annie Mahon.


Earlier Event: October 21